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5 January 2010

Rules were finally put into place to Help protect Stingray City and the rays but now Government approves a "floating bar" for the sand bar.

I guess we have not really "got it" yet.  One day we will wake up and find that we have to build a concrete structure to house and show "our" stingrays because the sandbar will be history.

Check the latest in the local press.

Cayman News Service


Cayman 27

Caymanian Compass


If you are against this "bar" please sign this petition sponsored by Oceanic Defense.


For a while I thought that the powers that be in Cayman had accepted the importance of the Stingrays and this truly unique attraction.  It appeared that they were prepared to finally understand that the responsible use of this gift is not just important but also a duty.  It now is clear that the people must speak out and be heard or once again the Sandbar will be at risk not from nature but from ourselves.

Please let your elected officials know your feelings and I suggest you join the Facebook group linked to above.



Be Stingray Friendly!

Stingray City Grand Cayman is one of the world's truly unique tourist attractions. In this web site you will be able to learn about the rays and the experience of interacting with them. If you are headed to Grand Cayman on a cruise or to vacation I am sure you have many questions about Stingray City and the rays. I hope to answer them for you here.

I am also very concerned about the way the rays are treated. Many of the handlers at the sandbar treat the rays with respect while others abuse them all in the name of "making more tips".  I hope to use this site to educate everyone, the individuals working the boats as well as the tourists, as to what is proper treatment of the rays.   I firmly believe that you would rather enjoy the rays, learn about them, and respect them, rather then having them treated like a sideshow at the carnival.  If we all work together to maintain the long-term sustainability of Stingray City Sandbar we all win. If however we continue the way we have in the past all of us may be out of luck in just a matter of years.

A few "cowboys" can ruin it for us all.



Check out the articles page for an editorial that I had published in the Local papers a few years ago, and the recent articles that have been published .It explains clearly my feelings on the treatment of the rays.










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